Infrared Flat Roof Surveys


Infrared Scans of Flat Roofs

Saves your business money

Evaluation of roofing systems for water leakage is easily achieved with Infrared Thermal Imaging. Water retains heat longer and can easily be detected at night when the rest of the roof has cooled. Wet areas of the roof can be repaired rather than replacing the whole roof.

Many of the problems that might exist within a roofing system remain hidden from normal viewing, but can be easily detected by the infrared camera.

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You don’t have to remove and destroy good remaining roofing material in order to locate the source of a roof leak problem.

We can detect potential problems to a roofing system that may occur in the near future and avoid potentially expensive future repairs.

Infrared Scanning technology provides a proven, cost effective method of early flat roof leak detection, and helps save your business from the cost of more serious flat roof repairs.

With Infrared Scanning we can test your entire flat roof and return accurate information on the areas of concern.

This allows for tactical repairs that avoid costly and disruptive leaks, while extending the lifespan of your roof, and minimising any potential disruption to your business.

Fluctuations in roof temperatures act as an indicator that your roof is holding moisture, which can lead to serious damage and leaks. The scan assigns colours to different temperatures, allowing for an easy to read and clear image of any moisture in your flat roof. 

These temperature readings can also detect new flat roof leaks before they penetrate the decking of your roof and start to cause damage. These early detection readings allow for preventative repairs, as well as the ability to find current leaks for repair.