Infrared Scans for Moisture Detection


Infrared Imaging for the Location of Leaks

Detection for Damage Prevention

Thermal imaging offers a fast, non-invasive and non-destructive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings.

Inspectors at Thermal Imaging Ireland are experts in thermographic imaging and will pinpoint areas of water leakage without disruption to the building structure.

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Even when waterpipes are laid under the floor or behind plaster, the heat of the pipes radiates through the surface and can be easily detected with an infrared camera. The exact location of leaks or cracks can be detected without damage to fixtures.


Mould attacks the building structure and also your employees' health. Health problems and allergies can develop where mould is allowed to build up.

Infrared Cameras with special software functions for dew point visualisation indicate endangered locations immediately, allowing you to prevent damage to the health of your employees.

Mould develops where moisture gets into the building structure, and related problems can be detected before the mould is visible or detectable by smell.

Infrared cameras are cost-effective, valuable diagnostic tools in construction-related problems of water intrusion and the growth of mould.