Infrared Building Envelope Inspections


Infrared Building Scans

Detection of Energy Loss

Thermal Imaging is the perfect tool for building diagnostics. The Infrared Camera can detect structural and thermal deficiencies in concrete walls.

An infrared scan will locate areas of missing insulation and grout, without the need for destructive testing. The scan will show where repairs can be surgically made.

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Inspectors from Thermal Imaging Ireland will carry out an energy audit of your premises using cutting-edge infrared technology to improve energy efficiency, leading to substantial savings on energy costs.

Heat losses, humidity and air leaks are instantly visible on colourful thermal images.

By visualising areas of energy loss, or "thermal bridges", faulty locations are easily located, allowing measures to be taken to prevent condensation and areas of mould growth.

Thermal Imaging can also provide useful information on the functioning of air conditioning covers, radiators and ventilation systems.


Thermal Imaging allows easy discovery of crevices, leaking joints and loosening stones in chimneys and exhaust sections of heating systems. Overheated locations, which can cause fires, become immediately visible on the infrared image. Danger of fire caused by building too closely to hot heating and exhaust areas can also be detected at once.