About Thermal Imaging Ireland

Dan Slevin, CEO

Thermal Imaging Ireland are the leading exponents in Ireland of thermal imaging for commercial and industrial premises. We can help your business slash heating bills and develop an efficient predictive maintenance schedule. Using cutting edge technology we can identify and pin-point the areas in your mechanical and electrical systems that may need attention before causing costly failures.

Our inspectors are fully trained in the use of the latest infrared technology to carry out thorough property and manufacturing systems inspections, and produce first class professional reports, which include images to pinpoint the exact location of any discovered defects. All inspectors are Garda vetted, fully trained and certified Thermographers, and fully insured.

We are a fully independent company with no affiliations with any property repair or maintenance companies. This ensures completely unbiased reporting on your behalf. Our Energy Audit Reports will give an honest evaluation of any defects found in your premises and manufacturing systems, giving you a clear view of the best way to deal with any problems found.